• Do you want to work alongside Sunnylake City's top-ranked Supervillains? 

  • Are you driven to assist the Villain Council in their goal to attain global domination?

  • Have you been fired at-will with no warning?

  • Do you have no other options, with kids to feed and a rent-bill due?

  • Do you owe that mean guy with the baseball bat more Gs than you have breakable bones in your body?

Great news! If the answer to any of these questions is YES... today is your lucky day!

Your job search is complete.

Our inclusive, equal-opportunities hiring scheme is simple. We hire anyone. Yes, anyone! So why not head down to your nearest training centre - located in each of Sunnylake's boroughs - fill out an application form, and embark on an exciting, unique new career path? Full-body costumes included, free of charge!

You enter into HENCH's employment at your own risk. By submitting your application, you agree that you will not hold HENCH responsible for any incidences of injury, deformity, disability, emotional trauma or death within or outside of your working hours.

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