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His Majesty's Starship

French Medieval Couple

In 1588, a fleet numbering one hundred and thirty warships, galleons and galleasses rigged their mighty sails and bade their helmsmen steer for England. 


Their aim: to invade, oust the Queen, subjugate her people and establish Spanish rule.

Thankfully, the Good Lord saw fit to drop an alien spaceship on them.

Swimming Astronaut

Now, over two hundred years later, the fourth of the Hanoverian Georges lounges on the British throne. The Eurasian powers expand their empires to the furthest-flung reaches of the solar system – as well as their endless wars. 

As nations and companies vie for control of the Off-World Colonies, a trio of utter imbeciles come into possession of a secret many would kill for. 

A secret that changes everything…

French Medieval Man

Status: complete at 110 000 words,

currently editing

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